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A Sign of Jonah

I must confess...I'm a Jesus Chick!!!

24 September 1981
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80's cartoons, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, alternative processes, angels, anicent warfare, animation, antiques, aqauriums, art, art books, art criticism, art exhibitions, art galleries, art history, art stores, astronomy, baking, bento boxes, bible study, black holes, books, cake decorating, central american, ceramics, cheeks, children's books, christian/worship music, christianity, classical music, college, comics, cooking, culture, curves, digital photo lab, driving, duck-duck-goose, dumplings, evangelism, experimental photography, expressionism, fables, fairy tales, fencing, flowers, foreign animation, foreign films, formalism, forte, fruits of the spirit, gamera, godzilla, health, health food, hedgehogs, hello kitty, herbs, hide-and-seek, hips, hispanic culture, holgas, honduras, ilford film, indie films, intercession, international cuisine, intimacy with god, japanimation, keane, kittens, knitting, languages, laughing, makeup, manga, medium format cameras, music, naps, nursing, nutrition, octopuses, old bookstores, old jazz and blues, orchids, oriental seagull, origami, photo boyfriends, photo vacations, photography, polaroid art, polaroids, pop culture, pouches, praying, printmaking, reading, retro toys, sailor moon, sanrio, scrapbooking, sea life, seasonings, serving god, sewing, shopping, singing, slide film, smiling, spices, spicy food, stars, steamed buns, stickers, stories, sushi, swimming, swings, swords, tea, the ocean, the perfect lipstick, the wind, toy cameras, traveling, twin reflex cameras, u2, vintage, vintage toys, warriors, waves, wet darkroom, world music, worshiping god, writing, wwe, yellow roses, youth hostels, youth ministry