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Head Start....in January

I found out by mid January, we will be done with our classes at Erwin. The rest of the time will be spent in clinicals until graduation. This is great news b/c I can take a couple art classes next semester. I'm currently missing Painting I, 3D design, and my Art Histories. FSU will accept me without them but that would hold back an extra semester; keeping me from taking the higher level courses. If I can at least get one art history out the way, I'll be happy. 

I worked in the Spinal Cord Department today at the VA. I cleaned about a dozen wounds. They were gross; some in bad condition from negligence by other hospitals but I wasn't grossed out. It's funny b/c I used to be not to long ago. I give God credit for that...for everything. In nursing school, I've dealt with stuff that I've never experienced before with such an ease and peace. That's how I know I'm going the right direction. When everything works out, within and around me, perfectly without effort. All I do is pray and rely completely on my Love.  

I was 2 1/2 hours late to work today! I came home from the VA to take a short catnap which turned into a 3 hour one. I really need to work on that. I may have to go straight to work instead and take a change of clothes. It messed up my studying time too. So I'm going to stay up tonight and try to catch up. 

Well, goodnight to you...happy studying for me!