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Rambling over evening tea

On the way home my throat felt funny. Not pain or yucky stuff, just a little pressure. So I'm making myself some tea before I head to bed. 

*brb...kettle is whistling*

Dang it, out of milk and creamer! An old friend of mine from England introduced me to milk in my tea. I'll never forget those nights at her house. I loved just to hear her speak, her accent was a little mousey; it was cute. I went to the Tampa Christian Supply after school. I picked up a book called "Becoming A Woman of Prayer". Even though prayer is one of the simplest things to do; prayer is much more than trying to get God to listen to you. There's an intimacy that's available; a two way conversation between you and the lover of your soul. I've wanted to work on this area of my life so I'm looking forward to what God wants to teach me. 

School and work was as usual; we're going over reproductive disorders and diseases so it's interesting. This is the area of nursing I hope to get into. I just have to get over my "skin thing". I can handle all bodily fluids, dead bodies (my first exp. was last week), massive wounds, etc. But if a patient has a "skin thing", I really get itchy! I just have 8 more days until clinicals are over. The experience is great but I'm getting tired; I just want to graduate already. Next, we're going into OB and Pediatrics so i'm looking forward to that.

Greg, my toyota, is doing great. I changed his oil the other day so he's happy! I get my financial aid refund in a few weeks and it's all (or most of it) going to him. I know I need new brake pads, the timing belt and spark plugs replaced, and possibly the tires rotated. 

I woke up this morning and realized that my 25th birthday is this Sunday. I didn't really forget (I made plans for that evening) but for some reason I thought it was next weekend. I asked my mom for a Canon XTi Digital SLR. It's a 10MP so it'll be great for bigger prints. I really wanted one so I can photograph church events and stuff. Plus, since I can't learn color until FSU this will do for now. I've been asked to do some weddings too so hopefully it'll be my little money maker too!

Unlike most people I've talked too, I'm really looking forward to turning 25. I see it as such a milestone, not a warning sign that I'm on my way up and over the hill. One thing that I've learned in Christ is to give myself credit for how far I've come and to not look back with regret. I must admit that I'm still working on the regret part but I'm almost there. And trust me, I've come a long way Baby. Another reason that I'm not in a state of woe is when you give your heart to God, eternity begins that second. Yes, one day I will pass away, but it's my body not my soul. Death is just a stage, not the end. 

I need to plan for my Tallahassee trip next month. I'm going up to visit FSU and the Art Department. I still don't know if I'm driving or be driven there by Greyhound. I'll be there for at least 2-3 days to get a feel for things. This is one of the reasons I can't wait to graduate from nursing school. I can't deny that Art is my passion and I want to get back to smelling like chemicals and covered with color. I may pass by Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to check things out too. It's the closest facility that I hope to work part-time for while in school. I've been working on scholarships too. I may be a little rusty on my writing but one of my friends was an English major so I'll be knock on his door soon. 

Ok, I think I've dump everything I've wanted to say...or type...whatever.