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Pledge and Bounty

My, My, My....this place has collected a lot of dust.  

So, I've decided to move back in. I fell for glitz of MySpace and in the end I was dissatisfied. I thought it was a commercial driven, glorified LJ; but it is and isn't. Commercial? Very much so! A glorifed LJ? Far from it. This may sound contradicting but it's not as personal as LJ. I realize how puzzling an internet journal can possibly be "personal". Personal is for the age old art of handwritten letters and get well cards. But it has a charm that make it easier for journal entry. The format of MySpace are like storefronts. It's all face value and image, no real content b/c no one is interested in content. However, LJ is past the storefront. You can't just create a profile here; you gotta write something. You gotta share. It's about you and your "content".


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Sep. 18th, 2006 10:30 am (UTC)
Welcome back. I joined LJ not that long before you stopped writing so I'm loooking forward to reading your new posts. I agree myspace can be so impersonal. I tried it out but didn't like it.
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